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Zeppelin Games Steampunk Live-Action Role-Playing

Hi everyone! I'm one of the organisers of a Live-Action Role-Playing group based in Melbourne. We're called Zeppelin Games and we've been running Steampunk-themed LARP events since 2009.

We'd like to invite anybody interested along to our next event!

Our LARP events take place over a weekend, with players spending the whole time in the role of either their own character or one supplied by the organisers. We've developed a ruleset which is both fair and full of potential. Games are set in the fictional nation of Fumare, in a fantasy Steampunk world of our own devising. We've had some excellent events so far and we'd really like to push ourselves this next time, so come along and see how you like it!

26-28 August 2011: A Festive Occasion and Furtive Speculation

The sleepy town of Lesser Colton is stirring!

Rumours of shady characters and horrible happenings plague the community's quiet reputation, but there is still adventure to be had and fortunes to be made. The Engineering Faculty is on the rise, the war in the colonies is winding down, the trains have been disrupted, Fumare's criminal underworld is upset and the fashion community is a-bubble with scandal. Also, one of the town's ubiquitous Merryweathers is having a wedding!

Come along and join in the excitement!

This event is a full weekend, from Friday night to Sunday afternoon.

The August event is now open for bookings. There are 50 player spots available.

The organising team is also taking expressions of interest for crew and non-player characters - you'll get a significant discount to the weekend's cost, we'll arrange the majority of costuming and props you need, you'll get bonus Experience Points and you'll have our eternal gratitude for helping make Zeppelin awesome.

26th-28th August 2011. Doors open for character admin at 6pm, play starts 8pm Friday and concludes around 1pm Sunday.

Rowallan Scout camp, Riddel's Creek Link to Google map is here.


Separate men's & women's dormitories with plenty of space. BYO blanket, sleeping bag, pillow, etc.

Tenting space is also available and tenting is encouraged. BYO tent.

Note that the two twin-share rooms in the dorms, as well as the rooms off the main hall, are unavailable for booking.
Indoor Shower & toilet facilities on site

Costuming & props:
Players are expected to provide their own costuming and props. Contact the organising team for advice or help if you are having difficulty putting together your gear. We recommend sturdy, waterproof footwear and warm clothing – Rowallan is rugged and August is cold.

Crew & NPCs will have costuming and props arranged, and should consult closely with organisers leading up to the event.

Weapon props will not generally be provided to players. There is a very limited number available for hire. Please note that hiring shall not be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis, but will be at the discretion of the organising team.

Food will be provided, with further details TBA.

Please inform us prior to August 1st if you have any dietary requirements or allergies, otherwise we will not be able to guarantee that we can accommodate them.

Fridge space will not be provided without prior notice.

The cost for players is $110. A $10 discount will be given for players who book & pay a $20 deposit before August 1st.

The cost for non-player characters and crew is $60.

Bank details will be provided on registration.

Bookings & Character Admin:
Email us to reserve your place! There are 50 player spots available.

No character generation will be possible during admin at the event - players are required to contact the organisers before the 14th of August to create & update their characters. If you want assistance with developing a character concept, the organisers are more than happy to help (so there's no excuse!).

Contact: Robert (AKA "EvilFuzzyDoom" AKA “Mayhem”)
Email: zeppelingameslrp@gmail.com
Website: http://zeppelin.mcorist.com
Forum: www.viclrp.org.au/forum

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