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Melbourne: Circus Oz - SteamPowered! Sat 2nd July

Circus Oz is going steampunk this June/July with their new show "Steam Powered"

Come along in your finest Steampunk attire and step into a time where romance meets technology and everything is hand-made and steam-powered. It’s a time for restoring wonder, for reclaiming technology, re-imagining our modern world and rewiring your wit. Come dressed as the Aviator, the Mechanic, the Inventor, the Mad Musician, Victoriana’s Strongest Woman or a little of all of them mixed together. Bring along your bright shiny gadgets and get ready to let off some STEAM!

For this show only (7.30pm Sat 2nd July) we have 25% off Adults A reserve tickets from March 21 – April 21 when booking with code word GADGETS at or 131600

FB event details for the special discount here:

In added goodness the night they've selected for our special night (Sat 2nd July) is also one of their Auslan shows.

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