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Steampunk Fashion in Australia


Hello! I hope this is alright to post here, if it is not, I will gladly remove it.

We are studnets currently undertaking our second year of study in Fashion Design. This semester we are producing our final collection in small groups, and we are using strong elements of Steampunk in our designs. We would be curious and very greatful to hear from the community about a few things to help us develop our designs into something relevant and wanted in the Australian market.

Any responses would be greatly appreciated, feel free to answer just a few questions if you dont have the time to answer them all. Anything helps!

1. How often do you dress in Steampunk clothing? When you’re not, what type of clothes do you wear?

2. If steampunk was more practical for everyday wear, would you wear it as often, or leave it for special occasions and events?

3. If steampunk were to be seen in more mainstream fashion, would you support it, or feel it had become less individual?

4. What, to you, are the essentials of a steampunk outfit?

5. Are you interested in any other aspects of steam punk subculture besides the clothing? (Eg. Books, games, music, lifestyle, etc)

6. Do you feel the steampunk clothing/accessories available cater to both genders equally?

7. Since alot of steampunk outfits often contain alot of accessories/jewelry/props, do you feel having these things is equally, more, or less important then the actual garments?


8. Do you have any favourite steampunk related stores/websites/communities/blogs?

9. Is there anything you would like to see introduced to steampunk fashion, or changed in steampunk fashion?

10. What is your occupation, and is steampunk appropriate to wear while working?

Thank you very much!


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