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New steampunk influenced band is seeking additional members!

Hello everybody!


I felt that maybe this community would be a good place to express my interest in finding members for my steampunk influenced music project.

the name is Viral Millennium and it is a very new project, although i have been doing other things for the last 4 years.

because steampunk is something that is still quite a small community in our country, it has been tough trying to find other people who would share as much enthusiasm as myself in this area, if there is anybody out there who likes the music i create and feels that they can add something special to this project, i would love to hear from you. whether you sing, or play an instrument, it does not matter, i'd love to hear your creative input!


the myspace page for Viral Millennium is www.myspace.com/viralmillennium

the songs up here are merely demos which have yet to be finalized, i hope some of them may perk interest out there :)


Kindest regards

Adrian (VM)


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